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Upon the submission of this “Form” by “The Seller”, the Agreement becomes a binding contract between My Little Hub and The Seller.

My Little Hub’s responsibilities

My Little Hub provides the following:

  • Review & confirm the information provided in the Seller’s Contact Form
  • Set the selling price of each item depending on the item’s usage state and description
  • Send an Agreement to the Seller by mail which will be considered binding after 24hours
  • Adequate and secure storage of items, packaging, marketing, and delivery to customers
  • Pay the Seller within a period of 10 working days after the sale of an item
  • Commission of 40% upon the sale of each item

The Seller’s responsibilities

Each Seller holds the following responsibilities:

  • Fill in the Seller Contract Form on the homepage
  • Accurately and honestly fill in the details of the items for sale
  • Provide only items that do not have defects and that are not broken
  • Make sure all items to be acquired are clean and fabrics have been washed
  • Take pictures of the items to be sold; seller should take up to 5 photos clearly showing the condition of the item as it is on a white and/or sober background
  • Bubble-wrap the items to be sold
  • Deliver the items to My Little Hub premises
  • Show cooperation upon the receipt of the Agreement


The pricing of each item to be sold will be decided by My Little Hub. The final selling price will be discounted from the Average Retail Price based on the usage description and condition of the item.

If the item remains in stock for a period exceeding 6 months, the pricing of this item can be revised after informing the Seller, and a revised contract will be accordingly sent.


Once an item has been sold, My Little Hub is responsible to transfer the funds to the Seller within a period of 10 business days from the purchase date.

Transfer of funds options:

  • Check in the name of the Seller as mentioned in the Form
  • OMT transfer, with transfer charges to be incurred by the Seller
  • Pick-up from My Little Hub premises


In the case where a Seller wishes to terminate this agreement, the Seller is required to formally contact us via email or telephone. In the case where The Seller is in breach of the contract, a fee of 20% of the selling price is to be paid. The Seller can re-acquire the items at their own charge from our storage facility; or My Little Hub will ensure the delivery at a cost depending on the dimension and weight of the items to be re- acquired.